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Gridscape Synthesis - Reflections Edition | 1/2 in. Frameless Hinge Shower Door and Side Panel with black hardware and black frame.
Gridscape Synthesis - Reflections Edition | 1/2 in. Frameless Hinge Shower Door and Black Framed Clear and Mirror Side Panel including mirror with black hardware and frame

Coastal Shower Doors

Gridscape Synthesis Reflections Edition Frameless Hinged Shower Door with Side Panel in Black With Clear Glass


Best of both worlds, the Gridscape Synthesis - Reflections Edition by Coastal Shower Doors combines the luxury of 1/2 in tempered frameless glass shower doors, with the on-trend and fashion-forward black framed industrial style of the popular Gridscape® factory window shower enclosures.   The door is constructed of heavy seamless glass and heavy duty wall mounted hinges that allow for a swing shower door with double action operation (meaning that the shower door swings both inwards and outwards).  The adjacent panel features true divided light panel construction with real metal Mullions and separate individual panes of glass and mirror.  The first shower door in the line if not anywhere that features an integral built-in mirror panel  The mirror panel is 2-sided so it can be used both inside and outside the shower.

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  • Wall mounted shower door hinges must be secured to a reinforced wall. 
  • Please ensure a stud is behind the tile where you will be mounting the hinges.   
  • Hinging wall must be within one eighth of an inch plum
  • Please allow 10 - 12 weeks for production and delivery.