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Provoking: Luxury, Creativity, Mystery, Fortune, and Enchantment

Give your bathroom design style a splash of Modern Eclecticism with Royalty, the new Colorize metal frame color available for Gridscape Shower Doors and Shower Screens. Royalty is one of the eight new bold color finish options available in the Colorize Collection from Coastal Shower Doors. This fun and unique collection of shower screens offers the bathroom's interior designer new colorful capablity allowing them to establish a bold and vibrant personatlity within the space.

Gridscape GS1 Colorize Shower Screen in Royalty with SatinDeco Glass

From $1,967.48

DESCRIPTION Colorize: Royalty Provoking: Luxury, Creativity, Mystery, Fortune, and Enchantment  Give your bathroom's design style a splash of modern eclecticism with Royalty, the new Colorize purple metal frame color option available...

Shower Screen Stabilizer Bar for Fixed Panel Applications

From $150.00

DESCRIPTION This square metal support bar is used to stabilize fixed panel shower screens  by securing back to a perpendicular wall or to non adjoining parallel shower wall.   The support arm...