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Frequently Asked Questions

Can Gridscape shower doors and enclosures be made in custom sizes?

Yes, all Gridscape shower enclosures can be customized to fit your unique shower opening.  Please find our recomended video tutorial for obtaining your finsihed shower measurements.   After these dimensions have been optained and recorded, please contact our customer service department to place your order.  

Are Gridscape fixed panels compatible with shower pans? I only see instructions to install into a built out curb

Yes, Gridscape shower screen panels are compatible with all standard US shower pans.   You should be sure to install the panel in a manner that allows it to rest on top of the shower curb.   The depth of the panel is approx 1.5 in. so as long as the depth of the shower curb has at least a 1-1/2 in. flat area for the panel to rest on, the panel is compatible.

Hi what does GS1 & GS2 mean? I'm looking for a door hinge that will open both both ways not just fixed to entering in or out. Thanks you have beautiful products..

GS1 and GS2 refer to the black metal grid pattern on a Griscape Shower Door
GS1 has both horizontal and vertical metal mullions that are perpindicular in front of the glass.    GS2 has exterior horizontal metal mullions secured to the frame in front of the glass.   

Do your shower doors open to the left or to the right? I need the handle on the right to swing the door open up the left, but it looks like it’s only a right open door.

Yes, the shower doors' handing (hinging) is reversible.  The hinge location can be placed at either the left or right side of the swinging door panel.  The handle's location will always be opposite of the hinge position.  

Do Gridscape shower doors swing inwards, outwards, or both directions?

Because of building codes and safety regulations, shower doors must swing to the outside. Gridscape Shower Doors are designed to swing outwards only.