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Shower Door, Shower Screen, Room Divider, and Framed Mirrors Care and Cleaning

How-to Maintain

Your shower doorshower screen, room divider or framed mirror can provide years of service and beauty with a minimum amount of care and maintenance. Cleaning your glass safely and effectively takes the right cleaner. With minimum maintenance and the right cleaner, your bath enclosure should be beautiful for years to come.

The key is to understand what types of cleaners to use and to avoid. Many cleaners labeled for use in bathrooms can damage the metal finish or scratch the glass of an enclosure.

A short list of cleaning agents that should be avoided because they either damage the metal or scratch the enclosure surface includes:

  • Vinegar or vinegar-based products
  • Abrasive or soft-abrasive powders and liquids
  • Bleach or bleach-based cleaners
  • Steel or Teflon pads
The following cleaning and glass-coating products can be purchased to help insure your Coastal shower door stays clean and relatively
maintenance free.
  • Miracle Scrub Glass Surface Cleanser
  • Repel Glass & Surface Cleaner
  • Invisible Shield Surface Protectant